The Beachy Peach

IMG_7863 (Edited)Hi guys! I’m Jessie, welcome to my blog! I just want to introduce myself and tell you all about what I plan on writing about in future posts.

So about me…

I am a small town girl from middle-of-nowhere Georgia. I grew up moving back and forth between Georgia and Florida. Right now I am living in Daytona Beach, FL with my sister and our two pups. I enjoy the simple things in life. I’m happiest when I am home with a cup of coffee. I’m a Georgia peach who lives near the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” The beach is one of my favorite places to be. I am addicted to taking photos of sunsets and my puppy. As you will probably get to know, I always talk about my puppy, Brantley. He makes me super-duper happy!

Which brings me to the topic of what I want to make the theme of my blog about. Happiness.  I spent all of 2017 working on “self-love” and being more positive. I have focused on not caring about what others think of me, doing my best to make healthier choices (I have a bad habit of eating out), and saying no to things I really don’t want to do… although I am still a sucker when my boss asks me to cover a shift at work… It has been a long and hard road and I still work every single day at it.

I was sick and tired of everyone always telling me how negative of  a person I was. I mean, they weren’t wrong. I was no fun to be around. I basically pushed the people I loved away. And it was all because I was so unhappy with myself and the way my life was going. I was the definition of a pity-party. So one day I just woke up and decided that I needed to change. Like I said earlier, I am a work-in-progress. I still have bad days, I still have negative thoughts, and I still let little, insignificant things get to me.

I want to use this blog to help me throughout my self-love journey and also help anyone else out there who needs some motivation.

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