My Fitness Journey: Day 1

Day 1:

Yesterday, Feb. 26, was the first day of my workout guide that I purchased and I just wanted to share my first impression of it.

So I originally planned on trying to go to the gym in the morning before work, however I hit snooze on my alarm about ten times… No big deal, I’d just go after work. My gym is open 24 hours except on Fri- Sun, which works perfectly with my work schedule because I am off Fridays and Saturdays and then Sundays will be my “rest days”. So during the week I will go to the gym after work, and then on my days off I can pretty much go any time during the day before it closes.

Anyway, so last night I went to the gym after work, I had plenty of energy because I prepared myself and bought some Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. I just want to say that having a list of things I need to do at the gym makes life so much easier. Normally when I go into the gym I don’t have much direction on what to do, I will just go to random machines and I would do maybe 3 sets of 10. This list of exercises that I had kept me focused on what I needed to do and I didn’t wander about the gym after each exercise because I knew exactly what to do next. Also, something else that I noticed, I never really sweat when I go to the gym, so I have never left feeling like I accomplished anything, but last night, not only did I leave sweaty, but i could barely walk on my jelly legs. Oh! and another thing… I am one of those people who gets self-conscious and do not want people looking at me, so before I had this routine I felt like an idiot walking around not really knowing what machine to use next, but last night I had a bit more confidence and didn’t care if someone was watching me because I knew what I needed to do.

So I have to say, after my first day of the workout routine, I am even more excited and encouraged to keep it up. Stay tuned!

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